A recent trend has taken Social Networking sites by storm. Following a recent investigation, A new trend has swept over the internet, encouraging Teenage girls to post photo’s of themselves online.
Other people add text to the photo and repost it, giving blunt advice on how to improve their physical appearance. Many photos have circulated the internet at a rapid pace, and have become part of the crazy ‘Teen Shaming’. Social media sites like Facebook are hosting pages such as
‘Hey Girls Did You Know’ which posts photos such as these.

Peter, age 13, has this to say. “Its definitely wrong, no doubt about it. I don’t know much about the subject, I just know that it’s wrong.”                     

Chloe, age 13, says “They post pictures of themselves online and other girls comment on how they can improve their image. It’s wrong, the way the girls comment, because beauty is on the inside.”

Dr Logan Levkoff said that until parents step in teens will continue to taunt each other anonymously. It’s not all bad news though, many teens have been using this as a new way to give out support t fellow teen girls by giving positive comments.

Self harm teenagers have been encouraged to stop harming themselves through this new phase. By receiving nice comments from fellow teenagers.

It’s having a good effect, letting everyone know there is nothing to be ashamed of.

By Ellie D


GWHS News Broadcast 21st March

Have a look at the stories that the Year 8 pupils researched, wrote and recorded as part of the BBC School Report project!

Quints Off Camera!

As Easter is fast approaching, fans are angered that they won’t get to see the Jones family celebrate. The Jones family, who live in Austin, Texas were the stars of the reality TV programme- Quints By Surprise. The show followed the family with their quintuplets and older daughter Eliot, as they made the best of everyday life with six kids.

The show first aired on August 30th 2010 on The Learning Channel in America and was then shown in England on Home and Health. The show was cancelled on November 22nd 2011 and ended Eliot, Brooklyn, Britton, Jack, Lila and Ryan’s days of fame.

Since then, the fans only method of keeping up with the Joneses have been Twitter, Facebook and the website that parents Casey and Ethan, both thirty seven set up. But this is not ideal for younger viewers. This has been the fans method of supporting the family for two years and they are campaigning for the show to return. Fans think Casey and Ethan are inspirational and find encouragement from the show.

We interviewed some people who didn’t watch the show and asked them how they would manage with six kids. First we asked other students to see what it would be like to have five brothers and sisters, like big sister Eliot. One person said, “Having two sisters is bad enough because you don’t get time to yourself, sometimes it would be fun to have five brothers and sisters though!” Another person said,

“Shocked! It would be a big surprise!” And the last person said,

“Absolutely hate it! Too much fuss!” We also asked teachers what they think it would be like to have six kids like Casey and Ethan, one teacher said,

“A difficult task, I would consider not working to devote time to each individual.” The second teacher said,

“Extremely stressful! Too much for me! It would be very tiring.”

It is a miracle that all five quints survived birth and now the quints are four and Eliot is eight, the big question is- Will the show return?

By Amy and Ellie U

One direction and McFly collaborate

Mcflys Dougie Poynter has described a track as stadium epic and has mentioned that one direction Niall Horan has co-write this song. Dougie Poynter has said “the song hasn’t got a title at the moment but he wrote the song with Niall. He’s got some good ideas so he had a lot of input. They are smart guys. They know what they are doing. They play to arenas and stadiums around the world.”

Dougie Poynter hopes the song will be featured in the next 1D album although nothing has been confirmed that this song will be released.

It’s not the first time Mcfly and 1D have worked together. The tracks irresistible and I would from the take me home album were written by Mcfly lead singer Tom Fletcher.

By Isobelle, Chloe and Madi

Girls Aloud breaking up by Madi and Chloe

Girls aloud have announced they are splitting up following the last night of their 10 year celebration tour.

Girls aloud tweet says “We have now come to the end of our incredible time together.” This message was received shortly after the five singers finished there show and came of stage. This tweet was sent at 12:07 this morning.

These five girls have sent a little speech this is what it said “This tour has been an amazing experience and the perfect chance to say thank you for being on this journey with us through a decade. It has far exceeded any of our dreams and we hope we are forever your inspiration and reminder that dreams really do glitter!! “Your love and support will stay with us forever but we have now come to the end of our incredible time together. Love you lots.” 

Cheryl Cole tweeted after her gig: “To the people that haven’t been able to make it, for whatever reason, we feel your support regardless and have done for 10 yrs…”

By Chloe and Madi

Wales destroy England’s dream of Six Nations glory.

On Saturday the 16th of March 2013 wales won England 30 points to 3. The only reason England got any points was from a penalty kicked by Owen Farrel. At half time the score was 9-3 to wales who scored 3 Leigh Halfpenny kicks. After half time Alex Cuthburn scored 2 tries, Leigh Halfpenny scored another kick and Dan Biggar scored a conversion, a penalty and a drop goal. Many fans were very disappointed about wales victory this means wales haven’t lost a game and have won the RBS six nations title. This is the first time wales have won the title since 1979. We asked some fans of rugby what they thought of the match one P.E teacher said “I think England player very well for the first ¾ of the match but then for the last ¼ wales ran away with it.” Ben said “wales run the game, it started well for England when they got the first tri but failed to get the conversion. It all went downhill from then.”

By Joel and Sam

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