A recent trend has taken Social Networking sites by storm. Following a recent investigation, A new trend has swept over the internet, encouraging Teenage girls to post photo’s of themselves online.
Other people add text to the photo and repost it, giving blunt advice on how to improve their physical appearance. Many photos have circulated the internet at a rapid pace, and have become part of the crazy ‘Teen Shaming’. Social media sites like Facebook are hosting pages such as
‘Hey Girls Did You Know’ which posts photos such as these.

Peter, age 13, has this to say. “Its definitely wrong, no doubt about it. I don’t know much about the subject, I just know that it’s wrong.”                     

Chloe, age 13, says “They post pictures of themselves online and other girls comment on how they can improve their image. It’s wrong, the way the girls comment, because beauty is on the inside.”

Dr Logan Levkoff said that until parents step in teens will continue to taunt each other anonymously. It’s not all bad news though, many teens have been using this as a new way to give out support t fellow teen girls by giving positive comments.

Self harm teenagers have been encouraged to stop harming themselves through this new phase. By receiving nice comments from fellow teenagers.

It’s having a good effect, letting everyone know there is nothing to be ashamed of.

By Ellie D


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